Club Rules. These are my club rules. they might be of use to you.

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Club Rules

1.$3.00 must be paid by the third Wednesday in the month or you will be ELIMINATED.

2.If a member tells you a secret you must keep it or you will be ELIMINATED or worse.

3.You do not need parents' permission.

4.You can not date 2 or more guys at a time (this rule will change for the summer).

5.You can not stay out passed 1:00A.M.

6.Boys must be out the house by 11:00P.M.

7.The money that is collected will be used to help a member or go on an outing.

8.Angela McNeely will keep the money at all times.

9.If anyone steels the money Kathy Ransom will pay it all back.

10.If Angela McNeely spends a portion of the money she has to pay all of it back plus 10%

11.If Angela McNeely spends all of it she has to pay all of it back plus 20% and ELIMINATION.

12.Amanda Gunnell is the President and she makes the final decision. If you argue she can ELIMINATE you.

13.Kathy Ransom is the Vice President. She will hold all meetings and discuss the most important topics.

14.Angela McNeely is the Treasurer.

15.Kristen Gilliard is the Secretary and she will take notes at all meetings.

16.The Pledging Process is extremely hard and you will not like it.

17.Amanda Gunnell, Kathy Ransom, Angela McNeely, and Kristen Gilliard are the founding members and they do not have to pledge.

18.If you do not attend a meeting and you are present there is a $5.00 penalty and eventually ELIMINATION.

19.You must fill out a form and complete it to be judged.

20. If you do not pay the money you have until that...