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Throughout the film Clueless, Alicia Selverstone plays the main role of Cher, a wealthy and spoilt girl, who is totally clueless. She is a character who is paralleled to Emma, a character of Jane Austin's novel.

Cher spends most of her time matchmaking. As she says, "…excuse me…I have contributed many hours to helping two lonely teachers find romance" she gives us the idea that matchmaking is a worthwhile cause, as though it's as good as helping the environment or contributing to charity. This also portrays to us the image that it is a sacrifice for Cher in which she gave up time and effort.

*Emma also spends her time matchmaking Cher feels that she is one of a kind, and because of her, the world is a better place. "I'm going to take the lost souls in there and make her well dressed and popular. Her life will be better because of me."

Her we see that gossip, manipulation and mind games are all that Cher concerns herself with.

However, even though Cher may feel that she is doing well for others, by meddling into people's lives, she becomes inconsiderate of people's opinion. This is signified through her matchmaking according to what she thinks is right, regardless of the opinion and feelings of individuals involved. We can depict Cher's inconsiderate matchmaking, as she constantly drives Tai away from Travis. However we see that Tai and Travis share common interest, and perhaps are interest in one another.

Likewise in Austin's Emma, we see that Emma constantly drives Harriet away from Mr Martin, in which Harriet finds interest. Even though Emma has never met the Martin family, she condemns them as "coarse and unpolished, and very unfit to be the intimates of a girl who wanted only a little more...