CNG- The Only Alternative

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CNG- The Only Alternative Over the past hundred plus years the world has relied on oil as the mainstay fuel for vehicles, and this dependence has backed us into a corner. Many people have introduced solutions to this dependence, but unfortunately, none have been put into real world use. These solutions included Electricity, Hydrogen, Alcohol, and many others. All have been analyzed and scrutinized greatly since their introduction and many have great benefits over oil but none have been put into use on a large scale. This is the result mainly of large oil companies and auto manufacturers, which have heavy weight in politics, who are very complacent to make a large switch. This complacency has caused the world to continually use and process oil nonstop depleting nearly all reserves worldwide. Now the projected life span of oil has been changed to less than fifty years left before all oil has been consumed.

People are finally realizing this fact and want to make a change but they do not know where to start. CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is another alternative to gas that has not been addressed nearly as much as other solutions. CNG has many benefits and nearly no negatives that give it perfect reason to be the next fuel for our world to rely on.

The first alternative that received rave reviews but then lost steam quickly off was that of Electric Vehicles that ran solely on electricity. These cars sounded great for many reasons. The fuel was much cheaper and completely clean. The cars were also touted as the only vehicles that could, "Plug into the Sun" (John Felt, Ford Motor Company). People bought into this idea and felt they had finally found the solution to their energy needs, but unfortunately many cons showed up...