CNN and BBC web news comparison

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Ownership of the website:

Walter Isaacson is the chairman of the CNN news.

The content on the day:

This website covers international and local (American) news 24 hours, seven days a week. It is very comprehensive; it has a wide range of news (political, business, sports, technology, entertainment, law, science etc) from around the world and up to date. The media updated every day, depends on what's happening around the world, if there are any breaking news, they will renew the news as soon as possible. This website is an online version of the CNN television news. The content is divided into many different hyperlinks. The order of the content's priority in the website are World, U.S, Weather, Business, Sports, Politics, Law, Technology, Science & Space, Health, Entertainment, Travel, Education and Special Reports.


The website is really a user friendly, and it's because of its simplicity. There are hyperlink information relating to the news media in this website. is internationally known, that is why people found it very easy to locate from any search engines. CNN made a partnership with TIME magazine, it has a small section of news articles from TIME Asia and TIME Europe at the bottom of the website. The website also providing an option for user feedback such as, feedback questions, email, mobile, etc. With the mobile services, people can subscribe their news through text messaging, so they can get all of the breaking news send to their mobile straight away.


The content presented in a formal way, using a few of languages that can be choose, such as English, Arabic, German, Turkish, Japanese, and Spanish. They use Arial for the fonts. Not many images used in this website, but it has one color image in good resolution. It also has...