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RINGKASAN Coack K: A Matter of the Heart

By David Donovan Tampubolon

1. Lesson learnt from the case that can be applied in my company

 I want to be a leader-and leadership is ongoing, adjustable,

flexible, and dynamic. As such, leaders have to maintain a certain

amount of discretion.

 Apply discipline by investing heavily in drills and skills with my

team: learning, developing, prototyping, evaluating and


 "Discipline is doing what you are supposed to do in the best

possible manner at the time you are supposed to do it,"

 Personal approach to establish instant trust from all members &

make it as a real family. Spend more time for getting inside a

member's head and helping him get to where all we need to be as

a team.

 Always believe on them and say they are great.

2. How to become a trusted role model coach

 Friendly and Adaptive

 Open to New Ideas

 Trust Employees to Do Their Job

 Value Work-Life Balance of Employees Life Balance of Employees

3. How to lead low performing team into high performing team

 Understand what motivates each of them

 Helping them to handle problems for themselves

 Helping them to understand what they need to change in order to

attain their and our professional goals