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The aim of the research conducted on Stuart park is to investigate the human impact on the coastal environment.


Stuart park is central to Wollongong's CBD, lagoon and North Beach, it is In the on the south east coast of Australia.

Research questions raised:

* Developments in the area. Describe them.

* Land clearance and landscaping in the area (how much has there been, where is it, and why has it been done)

* What vegetation is there, is it planted, what is its nature, what is its role in the environment

Methods used to gather information include: Observation, sketches, photos and research sheets.


Human developments have been influenced by the reputation of the area as being a popular destination to go for recreation purposes as it is central to the CBD and close to north beach. Developments such as shelters, toilets, playgrounds, roads and parking help support the regions attraction, to provide visitors and locals with facilities that are needed to sustain a populated area.

Because the vicinity is a prime spot for business. Businesses such as the lagoon restaurant and the sky diving house have been strategically placed in Stuart park.

Land clearance and landscaping are present in Stuart park. Vegetation has been cleared over the majority of the park to provide a grass area for visitors. This also allows for the landscaping to be done which makes it possible for the developments of things such as parks, paths and roads(see figure 1). Near the lagoon where the road has been placed near the beach, it is evident that the landscaping has affected the stabilisation of the sand dunes that have not been suppported by development of paths that lead onto the beach. This results in people walking over the unstable sand dunes and...