Coastal Proccesses

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Attrition - Particles carried by the waves are thrown against each other and broken into pieces.

Corrasion - Sand, shingle and pebbles carried by the waves are thrown against the cliff and gradually wear it away.

Corrosion or Solution - Very small particles of rock are dissolved by the sea and carried away in solution.

Hydraulic Action - When a wave pounds rocks air is trapped in cracks. When the waves retreat the air expands violently and breaks up bits of rock.

Transportation - Pieces of rock worn away by erosion are carried along the coast by the waves and tides.

Erosion - Wearing away of the land by various agents e.g. sea, ice and wind.

Deposition - Material carried along the coast is dumped. This may form beaches.

Longshore Drift - The movement of pebbles and sand along the beach. The waves move the pebbles up the beach (swash) and down the beach (backwash) in the direction of the wind.

Weathering - Ways in which the rocks are weakened or broken down without being removed. This is usually the result of the weather.