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When I first read the session long project assignment, I sat down and tried to think of what company to research on. Being military, I thought seriously about researching more about the defense contractors that serve our mission. Upon further thought, I realized defense contractors would be a poor choice since their marketing tactics would be hard to research. I then got the recent Fortune magazine to research the Fortune 500. Walmart, ranked number one; may have been a good choice since my husband claims we should own stock with how much I shop there. However, I decided on number 92 on the Fortune 500, the Coca-Cola Company. "The Coca-Cola Company markets four of the world's top-five soft drink brands, including Diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite. " happen to drink a lot of Diet Coke. The company leads the soft drink industry with a 50 percent market share. For the purpose of this assignment, I will discuss the Coca-Cola Company's competition and the how the Coca-Cola Company's marketing impacts the company's financial objectives.

But first, I will present the Coca-Cola's Company's mission.

The Coca-Cola Promise

The Coca-Cola Company's mission, also known as the Coca-Cola Promise is to "benefit and refresh everyone it touches " and to "When we bring refreshment, value, joy and fun to our stakeholders, then we successfully nurture and protect our brands, particularly Coca-Cola. " This blue chip company has remained a leading competitor in the soft drink industry for 115 years because of its unwavering devotion to the Coca-Cola Promise. Except for that one time, in 1985, when Coca-Cola imprudently decided to change the original formula of its leading brand Coke, the company has never changed its primary focus to provide consumers the highest quality beverage available in the marketplace. In case you don't recall, this...