The Coca Cola Corporation

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Working for a company that strives on diversity, is not always all that great. Gender, racial, and ethnic diversity means different things to different people. Some believe that diversity is about quotas, and affirmative action. Others believe that diversity is something that will happen on its own with out intervention. The corporate world is no longer dominated by white middle class men. Through the years minorities and women have increased in the corporate environment. In a perfect world, every person is treated equally when it comes to getting a job, advancing in their career, and being treated fairly in the workplace. Unfortunately, the reality of this is that we all know this is not the case. Racial discrimination does still exist in the workplace today. As a result of racial discrimination, companies are often faced with employment disputes resulting from the termination of employment to disparate treatment of employee rights.

In this paper, I will discuss how the Coca Cola Corporation strives to promote diversity in the workplace after being involved in what was known to be the largest racial-discrimination lawsuit in U.S. history.

Coca Cola as some of us may know is a name that is known in homes throughout the entire world today. The Coca-Cola Company is one of the largest, most successful and most widely recognized corporations in existence. From its birth in 1886 to present day, Coca Cola has spread its wings throughout the world. To this day Coca Cola still strives to be number one on the list of diversity. Rebounding from the largest racial-discrimination lawsuit in U.S. history, the company, aided by its court-ordered task force, reinvented its corporate culture to become a national diversity leader. (Coca Cola, 2007)According to the Coca Cola website, their company values all employees and the contributions...