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MGX9660 Assessment Task 1 - Group Report Coca Cola In India

Coca Cola is one of the most iconic brand names in the world today, but it hasn't been all �clear sailing for this multi-national company especially when trying to get a foot hold in the fast emerging eastern market.

In this report we will analyse the ups and downs that Coca Cola has faced as it tried to break into the Indian market and how this western multi-national initially struggled adapting to the culturally different eastern market.

We will begin by identifying the socio-cultural factors that caused Coca Cola difficulties as it tried to enter/re-enter this massive market, we will then look at how it could have handled the water contamination accusations differently and better managed the perceptions of the Indian market. We will then address what we believe Coca Cola should have done in order to gain a bigger share of the soft drink market and finally discuss the major issue of whether Coca Cola was used as a scape-goat for the political and cultural attitudes of Indian businesses and politicians towards foreign multi-national companies in India.

Social and cultural factors may be defined as norms which have been formed by the values, religious �beliefs, customs and ethics present in a given society.These factors determine attitudes and influence behaviour. Businesses operating in a certain social and cultural environment, will be subject to thesocio-cultural constraints in that region (P.Doh). The following paragraphs will analyse the social and cultural factors that threw Coca-cola into difficulties in India.

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