Coca Cola in India

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What Should Coca-Cola do to appease the Indian government and ensure its survival in the market?

First, Coca-Cola must pay their fines. If you want to get trust from government, Coca-Cola must pay everything that they break. In this case they must pay $10 billion to government because they ruins india water plantation. In it is include on International Law. Which is agreed on India with Coca-Cola

Second, Coca-Cola must build new plantation, remake the plantation to clean wastes more effectively. And then they should not using India ground water too much. They must build their own.

Last they must build relationship again with Indian. Build CSR, donate and make good advertising related into helping each other. Creating image that Coca-Cola Company is a good company not illegal company.

What effect will this case have on coca cola's operations in India

In September 2003, a legal issued to coca coal's headquarters by the joint parliamentary committee in India to suspend the sales or the company will be sued for selling a dangerous drink.

If those appeals are not fulfilled by coca cola, it will reduce the sales of coca cola in India or even coca cola could not do their operation again in India.