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 TABLE OF CONTENTSAbout coca-cola enterprisesHistoryValuesOur missionOur visionImproved mission statementImproved vision statementWhy it is improvedCoca-cola in IndiaVision of coca-cola in IndiaMission of coca-cola in IndiaBrands of coca-colaPackaging detailsSWOT analysisCurrent organization chartDistribution networkDistribution routeDistribution systemDepartment involved in this distribution processValue chain analysis for coca-colaCompetitorsReferences "Coke would rather be long term wiser, than being short term smarter"Abraham NinanDirector External Affairs,Coca-Cola, IndiaCOCA COLA ENTERPRISES INC.


CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER: JOHN BROCKCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER: WILLIAM W.DOUGLASINDUSTRY : BEVERAGESREVENUE : $19.800 BILLION USDOPERATING INCOME : $1.495 BILLION USDNET INCOME : $1.143 BILLION USDEMPLOYEES : 73,000 (APPROX)HISTORYCoca-Cola was first introduced by John Syth Pemberton, a pharmacist, in the year 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia when he concocted caramel-colored syrup in a three-legged brass kettle in his backyard. He first "distributed" the product by carrying it in a jug down the street to Jacob's Pharmacy and customers bought the drink for five cents at the soda fountain.

Carbonated water was teamed with the new syrup, whether by accident or otherwise, producing a drink that was proclaimed "delicious and refreshing", a theme that continues to echo today wherever Coca-Cola is enjoyed.

Dr. Pemberton's partner and book-keeper, Frank M. Robinson, suggested the name and penned "Coca-Cola" in the unique flowing script that is famous worldwide even today. He suggested that "the two Cs would look well in advertising." The first newspaper ad for Coca-Cola soon appeared in The Atlanta Journal, inviting thirsty citizens to try "the new and popular soda fountain drink." Hand-painted oil cloth signs reading "Coca-Cola" appeared on store awnings, with the suggestions "Drink" added to inform passersby that the new beverage was for soda fountain refreshment.

By the year 1886, sales of Coca-Cola averaged nine drinks per day. The first year, Dr. Pemberton sold 25 gallons of...