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There are lots of kinds of drugs in the world. One of the most popular is Cocaine.

Indians have been chewing coca leaves for over five thousand years. The most popular drink in the world Coca Cola was introduced in America in 1885 and it contained Caffeine and Cocaine. The Cocaine was removed only in 1906.

Cocaine is a most powerful natural stimulant (usually as a white powder). There are many names for cocaine and it's derivatives like crack, crank, ice (the cheapest and the most addictive one). After you took a dose, you feel excited. You feel as if you notice everything around you more clearly. If you feel hungry or tired, or are in pain, you will feel better. Later, you will feel tired and depressed. The effect lasts for just 30 minutes, and one dose of cocaine soon needs to be followed by another. A lot of doses make you restless and paranoid, and you may even have hallucinations.

Very large doses can be fatal.

When you are a regular user of cocaine you become mentally dependent on its effects and you have to take bigger doses and more often to get the same effect. You will always feel restless and sick, won't sleep properly and you lose weight. Too many doses can lead to breathing problems or even heart failure. You can also get diseases such as HIV, which can lead to Aids, when you inject cocaine with a needle that's already been used by somebody else.

In the early 20th century there were many death of models and actresses connected with cocaine. Cocaine became popular again in the 1950`s in clubs and has been the recreational drug of choice for the upper- and middle-class since 1980's. Nowadays, the largest market of cocaine in...