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What do you find 'interesting' about The Cockroach?

The poem: 'The Cockroach is made interesting by the clear parallels with human life that the cockroach in the poem creates. Declarative verbs and sharp changes in action are used to make the portrayal of the cockroach seem important and purposeful. Furthermore, the cockroach increases in speed and repetitiveness with its movements, which mirrors the uncertainty and lack of direction in life. In the same way, the reader is made to question the similarities of their lives in comparison to the cockroach by the cockroach's actual uncertainty in the poem along with the speaker's comparison to the bug as well. The reader is made to seem insignificant and feelings of depression and uncertainty are provoked by the resemblance between the cockroach and their actual lives.

The use of declarative phrases and adjectives intriguingly depicts the cockroach as important, purposeful and accepting of life.

In the poem, the cockroach is described as 'giant' which gives it a distinct sense of independence, as well as suggesting its relative authority and power compared to its environment. This use of adjective evokes an authoritarian image making the poem more interesting, as the cockroach is a unique bug. Moreover, the fact that the speaker 'watched' the bug suggests the fact that it may have eye catching features. The fact that the cockroach 'started to pace' gives its movements a purposeful aura, through the use of a declarative statement. Furthermore, after the cockroaches initial start, it was 'quite satisfied to trace a path'. This clearly mirrors the stage in human life where we are simply satisfied to progress through life. This example of the cockroach's resemblance to life suggests that the cockroach is accepting of life and it is happy to head towards a destination...