Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics is one of the basic tools for the correct performance as professionals.

Restorer is the preservation of cultural heritage for the benefit of present and future generations Respect for client confi dentiality.

Acknowledgment of personal/professional confl icts.

Protect the Earth?s Ecosystem There are two kinds of ethical obligation in business. There are obligations that business people have simply as human beings. There are further obligations they have as members of a profession.

Most people, when confronting a choice, are faced with one question.

1. What should I do as a human being? The professional, when confronting a choice, is faced with three questions.

2. What should I do as a human being? 3. What should I do as a professional? 4. If there is a conflict, how should I resolve it? There is no generally accepted code of professional behavior in business, beyond the basic duties of honesty, etc.,

that apply to human beings in general. It is not even obvious to everyone that business people should be considered professionals. The aim of this paper is to address this failing. It suggests why business ethics have been slow to evolve, why we need professional ethics in business, and what their content might be. But before this can proceed, there must be some clarification of what professional ethics are and why we have them.

This may explain why there are no well developed professional ethics in business, and why business is not even unambiguously regarded as a profession. There is no need for business people to identify themselves to others as professionals, because theirs is not essentially an occupation that serves others.

On a moment?s reflection, however, this view is preposterous.

Business generates the wealth that makes everything else possible.

Business people not only make money for themselves,