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Code of EthicsIntroductionThe requirement to analyze the 'Code of Ethics' is derived from that professional work plays a vital role on social change. The code of ethics can best be described as a set of guidelines for daily professional life which should be utilized by every individual who has decided to be a professional worker. Adtionally, the society also has a right to know that the work of human service professionals has its specific protective measures, which guarantee that the work can be trusted and is reliable in every aspect. (Cwikel, 1991)The issue of ethical code at any organization has been discussed by a number of management experts, corporate executives and business professionals. In recent years, human service professionals have started to adopt a realistic approach while considering the moral aspects of their businesses. (Reamer, 1997) As the awareness level among the general public is increasing and people are expecting the companies to be more socially and morally responsible, service professionals have started to seriously consider the ethical aspects of their business.

The objective of this paper is to discuss the concerns which develop when working with a client of interest. Human service professionals are concerned about the following ethical issues which may cause problems between the two parties.

(1) Human service professionals ethical responsibilities to clients,(2) ) Human service professionals ethical responsibilities towards quality service,(3) ) Human service professionals ethical responsibilities in practice settings.

DiscussionService quality is one of most major issues faced by human service professionals because without it, professionals would find it difficult to build relationships with their clients. Trust in a client relationship is important, as a client would not want to make business relations with someone if they felt there was no criteria for quality management. This could be why new employees...