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Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics: DynCorp International

Stan Cooper

PHL 323

November 10, 2014

Chuck Thompson

Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics: DynCorp International

DynCorp International (DI) is an American private military contractor that provides government services globally. The corporation provides essential support for U.S. national security, governance and justice solutions, provides necessary support equipment for military defense, international relations, as well as global expansion. Internationally, DI is one of the world largest defense contractor; supporting the U.S. government's military organizations. The company's principle goal is to provide solutions to complex missions and logistics, which is entrenched in its narrative of its core competencies:

"We provide expertly conceived and professionally executed services to meet the complex demands of today's world. We have broad international expertise and over 60 years of experience working in remote, dangerous, and austere environments.

We integrate our many competencies to provide solutions that fit each customer and situation, and bring a culture of compliance, accountability, and relentless performance to each program and task" (DynCorp, 2010).

DI is composed of several paramilitary configurations. These different arrangements enable DI to preserve mission priorities, which creates unity for the company and its core competencies. This means that operations, logistics, as well as aviation have their own respective missions. However, to accomplish tasks and fulfill individual mission statements, each company division works cohesively to provide the needed services. For example, the aviation division may provide support for operations by transporting needed supply. This would directly correlate with the mission of aviation,

"DI supports critical military and commercial aviation needs globally with end-to end professional services and technical support. From daily aircraft maintenance, modifications, and overhaul to flying missions and comprehensive airfield operations, we provide the...