Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct - This is a written code of ethics for a small business. 12 pages in length. Written for Master's level course in Organizational Ethics.

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Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Adopted by 5 Starz Corporation on 03/17/2003.


Commitment to ethical professional conduct is expected of every employee, partner, supplier, and subcontractor of the 5 Starz Corporation.

This Code, consisting of commitments formulated as statements of personal responsibility, identifies the elements of such a commitment. It contains many, but not all, issues that we, as professionals, are likely to face. Section 1 outlines fundamental ethical considerations, while Section 2 addresses additional, more specific considerations of professional conduct. Statements in Section 3 pertain more specifically to individuals who have a leadership role within the company. Principles involving compliance with this Code are given in Section 4. The principles embodied in Section 5 concern implementation of the Code. Principles in Section 6 address evaluation and review on the effectiveness of the current code.

The Code shall be supplemented by a set of Guidelines, which provide explanation to assist employees in dealing with the various issues contained in the Code.

It is expected that the Guidelines will be changed more frequently than the Code.

The Code and its supplemented Guidelines are intended to serve as a basis for ethical decision making in the conduct of professional work. Additionally, they may serve as a basis for judging the merit of a formal complaint pertaining to violation of professional ethical standards.

It is understood that some words and phrases in a code of ethics are subject to varying interpretations, and that any ethical principle may conflict with other ethical principles in specific situations. Questions related to ethical conflicts can best be answered by thoughtful consideration of fundamental principles, rather than reliance on detailed regulations.


As a 5 Starz Corporation employee, partner, supplier, or subcontractor I will:

1.1 Contribute to society and human well-being.

This principle concerning...