"Coffee House" is a short story focuses on the Main character, Jordan and his girlfriend of quite some time, Lyndee.

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Right after Jordan is let out of four hours of an exhausting, painful, but well worth it hockey practice, he says goodbye to his coach Matthews with a “see you tomorrow, Sir,” and he thanks him for such a productive practice. Jordan loves being worked past his limit, and he always gives it his all. “No pain, no game,” he always says. By now it’s a quarter to four, his mother doesn’t get off until five, and the babysitter leaves right when Jordan gets home. No stops. Straight home.

While rubbing the top of his brown-haired, shaved head back and forth a few times, Jordan walks to his “baby,” a black 1994 Cadillac Seville STS decked out with seventeen-inch chrome covered rims, dark black tint, and one of the best sub, amp, and stereo packages available. Jordan puts on a little grin just by looking at his car, because coming from a not so wealthy family, and being the only kid (or so it seems) growing up that doesn’t have everything handed to him like most kids out in west Omaha do, he takes pride in that car.

Working pay check to pay check, and years of saving up to put it all into his car, he considers it the only thing he can call his own. “That ride is so hard,” he thinks to himself. Jordan pops the trunk, throws his equipment bag in, unlocks the doors, and hops in. He always takes a minute to get situated by choosing the right CD he can rap to, then turns up his subs, lights up one of his menthol cigarettes, puts the car in reverse, and he is on his way home.

When Jordan arrives home, his baby sister, Emma, who is six years old, comes running up to him with her arms wide open, “Jordan! Jordan! Jordan!” he lifts her off her feet, swings her around, and gives her a peck on the cheek, followed with a big bear hug.

“So what do you say Emma, after I clean up and take a shower, do you want to go see Lyndee at work with me?”“YEAH!” Emma screams back with a smile ear to ear, and eyes so wide it was as if she had seen a dead Santa Clause on Christmas morning.

Just after Jordan had shown the babysitter out and thanked her once more, he began walking up the stairs while taking off his shirt and took an exceptionally, comforting long shower. He hops out to dry off, and tilts his head twice to the left, and then twice to the right trying to get the water out of his ears. He then throws a baggy pair of jeans and a nicely fitted t-shirt on, and slips his silver cross pendent over his head. He never goes anywhere without his cross. Quickly, he cleans up his well-groomed chinstrap and brushes his teeth. He likes to look good for his “girl,” Lyndee, who he has been dating for almost nine months now.

“Emma lets go!” He yells downstairs to his baby sister.

In Village Point, there is this fancy coffee house where Lyndee works, and where he visits almost everyday. Jordan and Emma find a descent parking space, and they both hop out of the car. He takes Emma by the hand and as they walk up to the front door Jordan picks a flower from the landscaping that belongs to the store next door. Just before he pulls the glass door open, he looks at his reflection and rubs the top of his head making sure he didn’t miss a spot while shaving.

“Hey beautiful,” Jordan says to Lyndee across the floor while walking towards her. He hands her the flower and softly brushes his hand on her neck before he kisses her gently.

“Hey baby, I missed you. HEY EMMA! How are you sweetie?”“Lyndee! I’m Goooooood, can I have a cookie?”“Haha, sure, one chocolate chip cookie coming right up! Baby, do you have plans, or do you wanna stay for a minute? I’m off in about 15,” Lyndee asked, even knowing the answer, because it’s like a routine in a way. Jordan always stays for a little bit.

“Come on now girl, of course I’m gonna stay, you know that,” Jordan replied.

Lyndee had gotten the “OK” from her boss that should could have the rest of her shift with Jordan seeing that they have been slow all day. Jordan and Emma had found themselves a table, and Lyndee grabbed herself a flavored soda.

“Jay, did you want anything?” Lyndee had asked Jordan, and he simply replied with“No, I’m straight, thanks though,” and with that followed“Come here girl, I miss you, sit with me,”Lyndee walked over and handed him a water anyway, and sat across from him. She loves looking at his picture-perfect smile and dark green eyes. Whenever Lyndee and Jordan are together, they don’t necessarily talk about anything important, but it doesn’t matter because there is never a silent moment, they joke around with each other a lot. It’s cute at first, but after awhile I wouldn’t doubt it if it made someone sick, and that’s probably just because everyone wishes they had what Lyndee and Jordan have.

“So what are we doin tonight?” Jordan asks without having made any plans.

Lyndee sips and slurps on her flavored soda and replies “Whatever you want, I kinda want to take it easy tonight,”“It’s a deal. You’re off now right? Because I gotta take Emma home, and were having dinner, do you just wanna come over now, have dinner, watch a movie?” Jordan suggests while rubbing the top of his head.

“Yeah, ill meet you there, I just have to gather my things and clean up, give me a kiss,” she says innocently.

Jordan wraps his arms around her and rocks her side to side, kisses her on the forehead, then the lips, and says those perfect three words,“I love you.”Lyndee replies, “I love you too baby."