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Strategic Analysis Project for Cogeco Cable

Yiran Wang


Cogeco Cable ( is a telecommunications corporation and is the11th largest hybrid fibre coaxial cable operator in North America. In Canada, the Cogeco Cable is popular in Quebec and Ontario, and in the United States through its subsidiary Atlantic Broadband in Western Pennsylvania, South Florida, Maryland/Delaware and South Carolina. Its two-way broadband cable networks provide to its residential and small business customers Analogue and Digital Television, High Speed Internet and Telephony services to approximately 2.5 million primary service units. They focus on customers' needs by offering services at attractive prices, expanding their offering with respect to geography and by diversifying their product and services.

Cogeco Cable's objectives are to improve profitability and create shareholder value. To achieve these objectives, the Corporation has developed the following strategies:

Expanding service offerings and enhancing existing services or bundles;

Improving the networks;

Improving customer experience and business processes; and

Keeping a sound capital management and strict control over spending.

According to the Cogeco Cable's financial statement and the firm's internal and external stakeholders, the main purpose of this research paper is to conduct STEEP analysis and Porter Five Forces analysis of Cogeco Cable to find the way to earn more money than competitors in the industry.

Cogeco Cable wants to improve balance between its environmental, social and economic objectives. To achieve its corporate social responsibility goals of continually reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency, Cogeco Cable has developed key performance indicators, for social, economic and environment objectives which are tracked and reported on monthly or quarterly, as appropriate. The indicators are communicated to the Management level employees. As following shows the impact of different segments.

STEEP analysis


Macro-environmental Factor





Population of the...