Cognative Development

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When children start their cognitive development to an adolescent, they will start to change in many ways. Three areas that may affect them, as they become an adolescent will be the social, cultural, and familial changes they go through. They will now start to deal with their body changing, and the roles they play as adolescent in today's household and society.

There are many social factors that impact an individual's cognitive development. When adolescents become more advanced, their mindset will socially change. The adolescents will have a better understanding in their ideas of social institutions, organizations, and human impressions. They are now going to start looking at every thing more maturely. This will affect the way the individual will organize their thoughts. The adolescent will judge people and places. Adolescents will be more aware of what they think about them and they will also start to realize that people will be forming those same opinions.

Socially, adolescents have a wider range of decisions to make. Drinking, voting dating, sex, and working are just some of the decisions that will socially affect an individual and how they are looked at.

Cognitive development also plays a role in the cultural aspect, as an individual becomes an adolescent. Depending on the individual and the culture they are raised in will cause for different beliefs and allowances. Marriage is one of the cultural factors that can affect an individual. Some cultures may require you to get married to a wife that is selected for you. While in other cultures, once adolescence is reached then you will start your journey to wait until you find the right person that you select for marriage. Some cultures will have a religious Bar Mitzvah or a Bas Mitzvah ceremony to show the change over to adolescence. Some...