Cold Shadows (GCSE original writing)

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The shadows were lengthening now. I could see the sun slowly creeping down behind a mountain. In a few minutes the whole valley would be in shade. I shivered and looked round nervously, trying not to think of the prospect of spending a night on this desolate mountain. As I turned to look behind me a sharp pain shot up through my leg like an electric shock. I winced. I knew there was no way I could go anywhere. Even if my leg was fine, which it obviously wasn't, it would be dark soon. It would be better to stay where I am and wait to be rescued. How long had I been here already? It felt like hours.

For what must have been the hundredth time I went over what had happened in my head. The horror when I realised I was on my own. Then falling while trying to run along the path.

And now I was here stranded and alone. The sun had now disappeared completely and I was already shivering from the cold. Being careful not to move my injured leg I dragged myself towards a large boulder nearby. At least once I was behind that I would be sheltered from the wind. This simple task took me the best part of ten minutes. Once I had done this I set about rummaging in my bag to try and find something warm to put on. I only had a few things none of which would defend me against the conditions I would have to face during the night.

The landscape around me looked like a desert. The ground was sandy and the only vegetation was the odd bush hanging on to life. There were no trees at all. The only other things were boulders...