Cold War

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Even though Canada was not one of the main countries involved, Canada still had a great significant role in the Cold War. Canada played a major role in NORAD/NATO during the Cold War to help keep peace. Gouzenko played a major role during the Cold War, as he uncovered a Soviet Spy Ring for Canada. The Avro Arrow, even though the project was cancelled, had a great significant role during the Cold War.

From 1945-1990, Communist Russia and the capitalist west confronted each other in what was known as the Cold War. It was called a Cold War because there was no actual fighting. The fact that both sides possessed nuclear weapons probably prevented war between them, however each side fought wars in various parts of the world in defense of their interests like in Vietnam and Korea. Igor Gouzenko was notable in that he was one of the first important Soviet spies to defect just after WWII.

Gouzenko was ordered to spy on the Canadian Officials but in one meeting he decided that he had had enough and walked away with the files that would prove the existence of a large Soviet spy ring operating throughout Canada. The Avro Arrow was a revolutionary jet interceptor born in the Cold War, and was to be twin-engined with a crew of two. It was America?s first line of defense against the supersonic bombers that they believed to be developed in the Soviet Union, which would attack from across wastes of great North. In the late 1950's, the Soviet Union was developing bombers and missiles with intercontinental range. The closest the world has come to a nuclear war was the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962. The Soviets had installed nuclear missiles in Cuba, only 90 miles off the United States. The...