The Cold War

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During the cold war, an unexpected event occurred; Russia had launched a satellite named “Sputnik 1” into earth’s orbit. This event had shocked America. This was called race to space. The Americans thought that they were ahead of Russia’s technology by years but this proved that they weren’t. Soon after the launch, America had created a satellite as well and launched it into earth’s orbit and soon later, Russia had sent another space craft into space but this time it carried a living animal; a dog named “Laika” which was a hero to Russia. Sadly there was no way for the space craft to come back so the dog died in orbit. Russia was the first to send a satellite into space but soon later America had sent the first man into space and he came back. America was also the first to send a human to the moon and took the first step on that moon which made history, his name was Neil Armstrong.

This event that made history during the cold war was mainly about competition between two countries that raced to accomplish things in space. This was called “race to space.” Socially the American citizens were in shocked, they thought they were the best in technology but they were wrong. The government reacted to this shocked; they immediately passed legislation to educate more scientists so that United States would be smarter. Also they created the National Aeronautics ad Space Administration (NASA). Due to this race, America had spent their currency on the environment. This had changed the American political ways of seeing things. Their economy was focused on building space craft such as satellites, rockets, etc. Soon later America’s technology had boomed, from having cars, weapons, airplanes, etc they had created objects that allowed them to go...