Cold War

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Cold War and Communism

Cold War and Communism

Jessica Raj

August 26, 2014

Paul Riley

Cold War and Communism

Living under war alone is terrifying. I don't think I remember being in time when the United States was not in war. Growing up all I have heard about is the war, and has always imagined when it would end. Although living in America I did not actually witness war like many do while living in the rural cities, it is still terrifying to hear or watch on the news about any war in any country.

Living under a nuclear war would be even more terrifying not just for me but also for my loved ones and me. Right now we are able to sleep peacefully at night, or walk outside in the day without thinking twice. However, living in the middle of a nuclear war would mean to have sleepless nights or days thinking a nuclear bomb can be dropped and everything I own or everyone I knew would be gone forever.

Living in a nuclear war would mean to never know when the end of life could be or when the end of a loved one's life could be. We would be all living in the world of fear and the world of the unknown.

Living in a nuclear war can be very similar to terrorism or it can be also very different depending on the way it is looked upon. Some of the similarities of terrorism and nuclear war are that both of these can take place anywhere. For example, during 9/11 when the two buildings were hit by airplanes no one could have ever imagined this life changing events would occur. This is the same to nuclear wars; no one...