The Cold War

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The Cold War In November 17, 1917 the during the October revolution Lenin assumed control of Russia and instated his new form of government. This new from of government causes America and her allies to "intervene" on the sides of the "whites" against the "reds". This intervention in fact was an invasion of Russia, although this intervention was not intended to take control of the government, but to keep Russia in World War One. The US and her allies pulled out of Russia, and left the Bolsvik-Soviet regime in power. This "intervention" coupled along with the fact that Communists are naturally suspicious and sceptical when dealing with the West, helped create tensions between our two countries. This suspicion may have been created because of their long history of being invaded repeated over and over by the "outside world". But the "intervention" and the subsequent withdraw leaving the Bolsvik's in power, paved the path to farther conflict (internet 2).

This conflict remained in the background for the next thirty years, until after the Second World War. This is where the conflict escalated to a battle of political manoeuvring, a battle of ideology, and a battle of economic strength. It was during the three years following the Second World War the policies that decided the fate of Europe were drawn up and those policies caused the Cold War to start. It was the lack of either side to agree to the others ideas and the fear of the other form of government having too much power in the world that caused the Cold War.

With the downfall of Germany the allies met at Potsdam on July 25, 1945 where they started talking about what to do with post war Germany. The main focus of discussion was about reparations paid by Germany to...