The Cold War Affects To The Space Race

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A. Plan of investigation I. Subject of investigation Why was Space Exploration such a big deal to the American government during the Cold War and what technological advances did it add to the world? II. Methods: a) Did research on the internet on space exploration and during the Cold War.

b) Analyzed the authors work on his perspective to the technological advances to the world.

c) Investigate the background behind the reasons for the Space race.

d) Found the technological advances and investigated other advances made with these new advances.

B. Summary of evidence During the Cold War, which involved a period of tense relations between the United States and the USSR, both countries dispensed huge amounts of money into their space programs, because many of the political and public opinion battles were being fought over superiority in space. The space age began with the launch of the first artificial satellites in 1957.

Space exploration became possible at the height of the Cold War, and superpower competition between the United States and the USSR gave a boost to space programs in both nations. Ever since Sputnik was launched it had a political impact to the United States because they feared that the Soviets were watching every step that they made. United States citizens stood outside and looked up into the sky when Sputnik was due to pass over in the foolish hope of catching a glimpse of this new moon. It gave these citizens a creepy feeling to have the Russian satellite up there, looking back at them. It was hard to comprehend the fact that the Russians were beating the United States into space. USSR continued its lead in space exploration with the first person in space, cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin who orbited earth in Vostok 1, April 12, 1961.