The cold war causes and root of World War II.

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COLD WAR:A cold war is fought with name calling propaganda Spies, and submersion. Any plot to overthrow a lawful Government is called submersion. A cold war has been going on in the world for more than twenty years. On one side are the free Nations of the world led by the U.S. on the other side is the communist nations led by the Soviet Union and China. During World War II the Unites States and the Soviet Union fought together to defeat the nazi German armies. The Unites and Soviet Union became better enemies and rivals. The causes: After world war II the Unites States and the Union Soviet could not agree on a treaty for Germany. They finally divided German in two separated nations. In West Germany free election was help. The people set up a democratic form of government called the West German democratic form of government called the East German democratic people Republic.

One of the key problems about which these two groups could not agree was a plan for controlling atomic weapons. After the communist won control of Mainland China from the nationalist in 1949, the world nations could not agree on whether or not communist china should be admitted to the to the United Nations. For many years the United States led the opposition to admitting china. It did so because china was not a democratic. In almost every world crisis that has come before the United Nations, the communist and the Non communist nations seem to be on the opposites sides. It happened in the crisis over Berlin, the Congo, Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam. The Berlin crisis of 1948-1949 is a good example of how the cold war fought. Another reason why the cold war went on the Soviet Union and the U.S. had...