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WW2 ending had ended to enemies' main enemy, which was Nazi Germany, The Soviet Union, a communist powerhouse and the West, which was anti-communist, led to the beginning of the cold war. What is noticed is that the Soviet-American relationship quickly deteriorated after the Second World War, Gaddis exams the relationship, which went sour when the once powerful Nazi regime was put to rest the main two power heads back at each other with their differences in foreign policy and world order. In the years 1941-1947 America was not willing to cooperate much with the USSR.

The Americans and Soviet both understood the need to avoid the mistakes that had led to World War II which was very clear and both powers set out a way of preventing another confrontation and while also resisting each other at the same time. The Americans continually undermined the significant importance of the Soviets ideology and communist ways, thinking that the partners would play a role at dismantling them through propaganda.

Gaddis criticized the Roosevelt administration for not having a coherent strategy, which led to the American public expecting elections with Russia included. Both Moscow and Washington wanted peace but strong internal influences caused each other to conceive of it in contradictory ways (Gaddis .5) Russia and Americans relationship became friendly in the face of an aggressive Germany who was relentless with Hitler's thirst for world power and invading many neighboring countries. This was the one and last time the two countries would ever be so friendly to each other. After the war and the collapse of the Nazi Regime they sought to reestablish their own ideas and influences with the world.

Gaddis stated that Roosevelt made clear that relations with Russia were vital to obtain postwar peace.