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Training Session Report


With the development of technology and economic globalization, trade would be made cross the borders of nations. Because of fast development of economy and the low cost labor force of China, many companies expand subsidiary in China. In this report, we design a cross-cultural training session for some Australian people who are going to work in China. This training session includes some fundamental understanding of Chinese cultural factors, survival language, social customs and business etiquette, which can help to letdown the culture shock and work effectively. A detailed six-months training plan is presented, followed by the rationale and content of training session. Then we will discuss the feedback from all the class members to our presentation in the class. Finally, something about group work and contribution of every member to this program is presented.

2.1. Rationale of Training Session

As more and more business are conducted internationally and some companies decide to establish an overseas operation or office, the company may face an important issue about selecting, recruiting, training and managing employees (Wild Wild Han, 2006).

The organizations usually employ people from home country for top managerial posts, because they can better understand the company culture and work system, and employ lower- level employees from local labor market. However, the individuals from home country will experience a stress induced reaction, culture shock, when they live and work in a new environment (Sims, Schraeder, 2004). Culture shock is a psychological process that arises when people come to foreign countries, and it is characterized by homesickness, irritability, confusion, aggravation and depression (Wild Wild Han, 2005, P454) Culture shock may affect the work performance of the international staff, make even good staff ineffective. Therefore, a cultural-training of the host country is quite essential to the employees sent abroad and...