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Nowadays,I've realized we can obviously make great strikes in "Project Half"(1) by University &In-dustry Collaboration.We should take advantage of young talent's power.Project Half's focal point is sustainability by energy savings & green engineering solutions.Wind energy,heating,hvac systems, solar energy etc. subjects are researched at universities by high potency college students and furthermore,that topics are used to have an academic career too.If we collect that informations, it's not difficult to see an oppurtunity.

Our company is like a training platform for college students and academic researchers.On that platform we should gather value-added subjects or projects with "high potency" students.Obviously, high potency is an open-ended term and we should characterize the high potency student term by some criterias.That criterias should be GPA degree,department of faculty,level of english(tested by an exam).For instance;

Unilever waits for young talents for a sustainable living by Project Half,application requirements:

-Student of mechanical,electrical,mechatronics or industrial engineering departments.

-Minimum 3.00 GPA degree calculated year to date basis.

-English level should be 79 points for toefl, 6.00 points for IELTS or 85 points for company exam.

After specified criterias like this,we can accept some students at some numbers and pay them some scholarship and an award at the end of the project if they achieve.We should divide that Technology Brokers by some areas like electricity,air consumption,solar energy,hvac optimization and heating systems etc.That project subjects will be designated regarding to company's technical management datas(energy consumption cost breakdown or loss cost matrix etc.).

Project members will have one year period to complete the sustainability projects and at the end of half time(6 mounths) of the period,they will present their project ideas with engineering&payback calculations to company's board members. If they get confirmation,they will have 6 mounth...