The Collapse of New Zealand Society.

Essay by hoba November 2003

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The Collapse of New Zealand Society

The Barney cliché "I love you, you love me" used to describe my homeland New Zealand, but over the past ten years I have witnessed an irrevocable change for the worse. Children no longer share friendship and innocence, they are corrupted by the negative, perpetual grinder New Zealand has become. The days of companionship and neighbourly compassion have crumbled into the dusts of yesterday, and in its place stands a sickening concoction of inequality, poverty, pressure and despise; giving rise to one of the highest suicide rates in the world. Do not be fooled by the "Clean, Green" image that connotates New Zealand; the real truth is one of pollution, crime, hatred, guile and disguist. This essay is looking at how New Zealand's ideology has changed rapidly over the past ten years, due to Government policy and the pressure cooker than is the Antipodes.

I remember when I was young, this is only ten years ago, my main concern was not missing "Sesame Street", or whether by brothers' would take me to the park. These days it is not even safe for children to go to the park. You risk being attacked by stray dogs, of which there are many as no one can afford to feed them, being kidnapped or killed by a stranger, or injuring yourself on the delapidated playgrounds. It just seems to be that no one cares anymore. When I was at school everyone had lunch and shoes, these days about a fifth go to school with no shoes, and only about a sixth have lunch. This in turn leads to attention disorders and disruption in the classroom, and the quality of education is much lower than it once was. I was able to read when I was two, and...