The collapse of USSR

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The collapse of USSR

Russian state collapsed twice during the twentieth century. Russian Empire disintegrated while fighting and losing a foreign war . The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, in time of peace, a few decades after winning the biggest war from Russian`s history. The first collapsed was before the communists came to power; and the second during the communist rule.

The aim of this paper is to centralize distinct factors , certain circumstances and conditions that contributed substantially to such events without claiming , however, that these "causes" identified below are sufficient or necessary for what had happened.

If the modern empires of that period have fallen while former cities were transformed into 'normal' nations and nation-states, Tsarist Imperium and then Soviet one , have fallen before the advent of modern Russian nation. A major factor in the imperial collapse of 1917 , and the Soviet collapse in 1991 , proved to be the conflict between the imperial state and the emerging Russian nation or " society" .

In both cases , "Russia " contributed to the decay of the " Empire ". Also lead to concluding that both empires have failed to solve the " Russian question " (" Russian problem " ) arguably their most important nationalist question and problem .1

Another major factor in the decline of both empires was the fact that the theritories were extended too much. One of the problems was the imposed hegemony on other nations and territories who refused to recognize Russia or the Soviet Union, as a superior civilization, with a higher form of economic or governmental preeminent stability and performance qualities that a empire must master the course where imperial domination is not based solely on coercive force. Maintain hegemony in the absence of such recognition requires a disproportionate...