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An Ode to my own Laziness

Where do the careless lie,

buried in ease and sloth?

Knowledge, that sleeps, does die.

And the security,

It is the common moth

that eats on wits, and arts, and destroys them both.


I stole the fire from the match,

And the cricket from the lizard.

I took the wonder from your lips,

And grabbed the cold from the blizzard.

I look for you

In the glow

But only find

My wishes.

I take my notes

On how to float,

But end up living

with the fishes.

How do you go?

So old and young

Your wisdom wrapped in silliness.

Here I am

a tiny man

always ready to wash

your dishes.

Dancing in Monogamy

I'm slowly drowning in your whispers

Of gasoline.

Your ghoulish face annoys me.

Yet, I am still drawn to you.

Like a fly to the light.

It is painful, the light.

Yet, I am still drawn to you.

Everyday that I see you,

You lead me through mazes

Of poison ivy.

Yet, I am still drawn to you.

My words betray me.

They ignore my instruction

And fulfill their own whims

Along the path to my lips.

By the time they reach your ears,

They've mutated into polite little

Mutterings that dance playfully

In monotony.

I'm constantly rejected.

Yet, I'm still drawn to you.

My Note

You knew I was different;

you just weren't sure how.

You put me in prison

and I want out now.

You told all your friends

like teachers do,

but I wrote a poem

because I think I'm in love with you.

I don't know how or exactly why.

I wish I wasn't and, believe me, I've tried

To fall and be normal and shallow and cruel.

But I couldn't and I can't.