"The Collectors" by David Baldacci

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After attending a meeting the day before at the United States capital Roger Seagraves went to his office in Virginia to plan away to kill a person not for the government this time but for himself. It was 3 days after the meeting in the capital he put on a blue jumpsuit to look like a repairman and drove after dark to a part of D.C. with expensive mansions and clubhouses. There was an old run down bu8ilding across the street from an exclusive clubhouse. He parked his car across the street. He took out his toolbox, went into the building and pup the stairs. He opened the window and put his rifle and set his rifle on the windowsile. A car appreared and a man and a bodyguard came out of the car, and went into the building. When the time was right he took aim, fired a shot, and killed Robert Bradley, the man in the clubhouse.

He then swiftly changed his clothes into a cop uniform, ran down the stairs, and pretended to chase a car that just raced by. Then jumped into a another car that was waiting on the side of the road. Appeared to be a patrol car, that he had set up, then raced after the car, pretended to get away. He then jumped into another waiting car with a dog changed his clothes into a jogging suit and then pretended to walk the dog. He now looked like a jogger walking his dog.

Seagraves met Trent who delivered a briefing book to him and told Trent that they had terrorists for enemies and they had to be destroyed.

Johnathon DeHaven lived in a mansion in a very wealthy area of D.C. The mansion was given to him by his parents at their...