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Personal Narrative Draft

I just had turned 16 years old during the summer of 2011. I was at my house waking up to my parents offering me the keys to my dad's truck. Accepting the offer I had no money for gas at all. It was that time where I was told by my parents that I need to find a job so I'll have money. I began job hunting all over Macomb County. I went to places such as McDonald's, el Charro, and Outback Steak House, getting applications and turning them in the next day. Receiving no calls months later got me frustrated. This is how I got my first job.

One Sunday morning during December of 2011 I received a call from my grandma. She wanted to let me know that Tim Horton's on North Avenue and Hall Road has a sign up saying that they are hiring.

At that moment I had went in my car and drove to the Tim Horton's. Once I got to the store I went inside and filled out an application. After I filled it out I asked one of the workers if I could speak to the manager, and gave him my application while introducing myself. On my ride back to my house I got a call from the manager saying that if I can work at 3pm during the week you have an interview on Tuesday. I had become really excited that I had an interview for my very first job. When it came that Tuesday, I had my clothes picked out and some questions ready for the interview. Once the interview started it was really easy for me to let him know that I am capable of the job. I ended up getting the job at Tim Horton's and working the next week.

The first day of work I sat on a computer and watched training videos while getting paid. I seemed really to start actually preparing food for customers. The next time I had worked they told me that I start on the floor that day. I was helping make food and help customers with somebody on my side. Some of the items took me a while to find due to the complex menu. People that I was working with thought I was good enough to go on my own. I then began taking orders by myself and it became a disaster. With customers telling you what they want quickly I couldn't seem to ring everything in fast enough. Most of the times I needed to call people over and ask for help. Days of work had passed and I believed I haven't made any progress at all. I felt like other employees were becoming mad at me because of all the questions that I had been asking them. I then had customers getting very angry meanwhile I am trying to find everything on the menu. Eventually I had progressed at my first job and got better every time I had to work.

To this day I still work at the same Tim Horton's. I had become a supervisor due to my effort and quality of work. From when I started I am only one of a few employees that are still there when I started working. My parents are happy with my decision to become a supervisor and get a job that quickly in today's world.