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Travel will probably be one thing that remains constant throughout the ages. Since the dawn of time, mankind has always felt the unquenchable thirst for travel, the acquisition of knowledge through exploration of the world. It is no surprise that the most meaningful experience for me would be my own travels. I was born in Trivandrum, a city on the southernmost tip of India. Although we visit India frequently, we only lived there for two years. The earliest of my memories began from when I lived in England. I was around the age of five, my mom and I were walking to Letchworth School, my first school, and it was quite a long walk. When I first walked into the classroom, I headed straight for the window, so I could wait for my mom to come back. For the first couple of days, I spoke to the teacher in my native language, which of course, she did not understand.

That was just a transitional phase, I learned English fairly rapidly, and by the time I was in first grade, I spoke just as well as my newly acquired friends. This experience holds meaning because it is one that I will always remember. Soon after, we moved to Philadelphia, I attended second through fifth grade here. There was yet another transition to make, I entered second grade with a strong British accent which aroused much curiosity among my peers. Philadelphia was one of my favorite cities, mainly because it is one that I frequently get reminded of, for instance, I might suddenly hear a song on TV that I haven't heard since my stay at Philadelphia, when I listen to the vaguely familiar rhythm of the song, memories flood back to me. I experienced a lot while living there, I recall...