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Essay by mr_lally January 2004

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It has been said that one may be, "a jack of all trades and a master of none." I would offer that one could expand the concept to mean that there are those who are a jack of many trades and those who are a master of one. In a world today where students as well as society as a whole specializes to attain excellence I am unique. I am the master of many trades.

Today's high school environment mirrors societies' thrust to excellence through specialization. However, I have learned from my dad, the only other master of many trades that I know, that it is possible to be good at many things. I plan to teach my peers at Rice how to live a life immersion in many fields, which I believe is to be truly educated. By stretching my time as far as is allowed consistently everyday I have become a master in the arts and the letters of the modern day.

I am a master of academics, fine arts, and service to my community.

In the greatest time of thought, the Renaissance, people were only considered educated if they knew about the arts and the letters. The only masters of one trade were those who took to the field, and knew only how to plant their specific crop. Da Vinci, the ultimate master of many trades even surpassing my dad, is famous for his paintings, writings, scientific theories, architectural design, and engineering work. If Da Vinci were placed in today's world he would have to struggle to keep his experiences broad. Schools, parents, and society as a whole force children from the very start to find an area of specialization. Every child is put through a battery of extracurricular activities until they find the one they...