College Application Essay. Music and Volunteering. Ideas and Suggestions Welcomed.

Essay by DawnP86High School, 12th grade January 2006

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Throughout the years of high school I have been involved in my community almost from the start. Extracurricular school activities such as leader of Knite Lights a group which provides music to special events and dances, a member of the yellow Ribbon Campaign, a member of the Gay/Straight Alliance with-in the school and a member of the Special Events committee. I volunteered at the local volunteer Fire Department for a year, Participated in many Big Brothers Big Sisters events and activities. A member of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets for 3 years, 30 hour Famine leader for 2 years and hopefully many more the come, the Stop Racism Campaign for one year and hopefully many more and many other thing with-in the community like Children's Halloween events and Canada Day celebrations. I'm currently working on achieving my Duke of Edinburgh Award at the Silver level. I'm always enjoying myself helping out and I guess that's the moist important part.

Music has always been an important part of my life. Since I could talk I've been singing, at the age of 12 I took that to a professional level singing The Oscar Meyer Weiner song on national television and Oh' Canada for school and other services. At age 15 I found myself participating in the DARE TO MUSIC program in school singing Don't Speak by No Doubt and Beautiful by Christina Aguilera in front of the school body. At the age of 16 I picked up the snare drum and took on learning music theory by that summer I had be recommended by my superior officers in Sea Cadets to go to Avalon, Newfoundland and train with some of the best musical instructors in Canada. At the end of the summer I left the base with my Canadian Conservatory Level 1...