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Personal Statement

Up until I was about thirteen or fourteen, I was tentative as to what my aspirations would be. One year I would want to be a police officer and then the next I would want to be a computer engineer. This incessant vacillation ultimately led to me discovering the arts in general and realizing how intrigued I was by them. I began reading and writing more and found it to be an excellent source of acquiring knowledge, creativity, and self-expression. I had always enjoyed music but it wasn't until I began playing guitar and expanding my horizons as to what I listened to, that initiated my genuine passion for music. I would do anything to be able to pursue my avocations and transmute them into career opportunities.

My prior achievements include receiving exceptional grades via the Oracle program which focuses on individual studies. This exemplifies my self-motivation and how I'm a competent independent worker who is determined to succeed.

I have never received any awards for my proficiencies simply because I never submitted any of my material to any organizations. I have been commended by multiple teachers on my aptitude regarding my interests and they believe that I truly am talented in what I do.

It's exigent for me to acquire these goals because it would preclude my parents from any unnecessary stress. I want to prove to them and myself that going to college should not be a burden, it should be a reward.

I'm sure there are students who have it a lot worse than me and there are those who may have it a lot better than me. But if I was granted the opportunity to pursue my interests, I know that I would try my best to achieve. I'm not too concerned whether I'm...