College Diversity.

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Diversity is an extremely important part of the American culture. If Americans want to get a cultural experience all they need to do is go downtown. Americans are blessed to be able to experience such diverse cultures under one roof. Americans live and work in such a diverse world that learning in one should not be a big issue. Affirmative action is the true issue surrounding colleges, not diversity. There's nothing wrong with diversity, but how we accomplish it should be under strict review.

There are many commendable reasons that support diversity in college education. A strong reason is equal opportunity. America promises freedom and equal opportunity but sadly many minorities are being disappointed. As Amy Ziebarth points out there are many invisible barriers that minorities are faced with (126). Affirmative action policies make it easier for minorities to overcome those barriers. Another argument is that having a diverse student body challenges students to overcome prejudices.

Summers and Tribes essay makes a point that learning with someone different not only gives a diverse viewpoint, but also allows these people to realize many prejudices and stereotypes are only skin deep (121).

Affirmative action is the root of all the controversy that is surrounding college admissions. The biggest argument is that affirmative action is unconstitutional. In the Bakke case quota systems used to boost minority enrollment were found to be unconstitutional. So what affirmative action did was evolve into a point system. Applicants are awarded a certain amount of points based on their admission scores, grades, and oddly enough their skin color. The current policy accomplishes the goal of increasing minority enrollment, but at what cost? There are a lot of holes in affirmative action, and it's time America made a choice either to revise the current policies or...