College Drinking

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College Drinking

Large consumption of alcohol is a very serious problem especially among students attending college. Several college students start drinking heavily when they go to big college parties. Most think that they need to drink just to have a good time. Many drink because of peer pressure and feel that they must in order to fit it with the popular group. Drinking in college can have some major consequences that will extremely ruin a person's life.

Since college binge drinking consumes a large amount of a student's time it causes them to lack hours in studying for their classes. As they drink constantly, they start to forget about their class work. As class day comes around, they are unprepared for what is to come and do not listen to what they are supposed to be learning. This will result in a failing grade on tests and will cause the person to either drop out or fail the class.

Recent studies have shown that heavy drinking can result in memory loss. This leads to the student forgetting important details about a subject or even when class days and hours are. After a long night of drinking, most people wake up in the morning with a throbbing hangover. Hangovers can make a person feel so bad that they will skip everything that they are scheduled to do that day. Since college tests and classes cannot be made up, the student receives a poor grade that they will definitely regret later on. Alcohol is a factor in 28% of all college dropouts.

Drinking by immature college students also cause numerous counts of violence and vandalism due to impaired judgment. Many students start acting violently when they drink. A drunken person can get mad at another person more easily than a sober person...