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BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, the alarm clock goes as it gradually gets louder. " Oh God" I think to myself as I drag myself out of bed. I knew I shouldn't have drank three Pepsis and not gone to the bathroom last night. I run down the hallway, with my legs crossed because my bladder is about to bust! I finally get the bathroom, after almost kicking down the door, and I sit down and do my business. "Phew" I say as all of my problems and tensions fill up in the comforting white bowl. I reach for the toilet paper and instead of getting 5 sheets of white, cottony, soft fluffiness, my hand hits the hard, dull, empty cardboard roll. If I could change one thing in the world it would be getting rid of all of the toilet tissue wasters.

Toilet tissue is an item that is over-looked far too much.

The very decorative soft, white roll only costs 87 cents per roll, but to me is very sacred because of the people in my house. My mother and father who I love very much, use toilet paper like children and shoes, it just doesn't last. Those great people who raised me use about 25-30 sheets per wipe, when one only needs a maximum of five sheets to get the job done. Most toilet paper rolls contain about one thousand sheets; if my parents use the bathroom three times a day wasting their normal amounts of toilet paper, then the role only lasts about 6.67 days, using 150-180 sheets a day between the two of them. What a complete waste! By using a maximum of five sheets per wipe, unless one had a bean burrito with extra cheese for breakfast, it would eliminate the consistent need to change the...