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It was a gloomy day anyway so I did not mind being home sick, I only wish they would show some television programs worth watching. So I did what I normally did, channel surfed. My choices seemed to be soap operas, children's programs, of talk shows; I decided to go with the talk show. They brought out their favorite stars from some up coming Elizabethan movie; it seemed to be the same old thing, "how have you been, have you lost wait?" "Thanks your looking lovely as ever." They started to talk about all the costumes they wore during the filming, and showed a few clips. I was stuck on the intricate beading and ruffle design. The next guest on the talk show was the costume designer herself. I guess I had never really given it much thought before that where garments came from. I am not sure what I assumed but it never accrued to me that people went to school to become fashion designers.

As a child, I had always loved art classes. In kindergarten, my parents left it up to me to decide whether I wanted to attend both morning and afternoon kindergarten. On the down side the long day of school would mean and nap, put on the plus side it meant twice the art classes. I considered my options closely and went with the long day of kindergarten. All throughout my schooling I would always look forward to the days, we had art class. It did not matter to me what we were making, as long as I got to do something. The doors to the art room were almost magical to me. As soon as I walked through them nothing else mattered, the fact that the boys were teasing me and I defiantly...