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Throughout the course of ones life, there are endless people and situations that influence a person in both positive and negative ways. My life is no exception; teachers, parents, other students, family members, and religious leaders have influenced me. However, it was only after a recent journey to Washington D.C., that I began to put my life in true perspective.

I was selected the summer of my senior year, to participate in the National Student Leadership Conference over Law and Advocacy in Washington D.C. While attending the NSLC I had the opportunity to study, experience and develop skills and traits that I find will help me in the future. While I was in Washington D.C., I was one of approximately two-hundred high school students from across the United States and 35 other countries around the world. While there I found myself immersed in a learning environment and culture unlike anything I have ever experienced.

During the conference I attended special workshops and participated in a mock trial where I took the role of both a witness and attorney. We had guest speakers who brought and added a sense of reality and brought current national and international events to life.

Through the participation in this extraordinary program, I developed abilities to think on my feet, engage in critical analysis, and to communicate effectively. These are all skills that I feel will not only serve me during high school but also in the future in college, and throughout my life. I found the National Student Leadership Conference an experience that provided me with a unique learning environment that not only encourages academic achievement, but also diversity, cooperation, and social responsibility.

The experience, the NSLC gave me is a feeling of accomplishment and confidence in my ability to handle challenges that lie ahead.