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Sports are my element. Ever since I was small I naturally picked up any sport I tried. My talents skills and experiences revolve around my team and team-mates. These experiences have taught me lessons that I hope to carry with me to your University. It is said that sports build character. My past four seasons on our field hockey team have been a rock base for my leadership, determination, and positive attitude.

I am not one to disappear into the crowd, leadership is one of my qualities. During my freshmen, sophmore, and junior year of hockey season I had several strong people to look up to. Now, as a senior captain, I am the one to take up the torch and bring our team to victory. I have learned that even during a losing streak, it is important to be a leader. If you continue on, others will follow. Fight through your streak, and you will succeed.

I believe leadership is a learned skill. I became the person I am by watching my teammates. Hopefully, I can teach others to march in front and take the path untraveled.

My experience of being on a dominant team have brought me to the conclusion that loss is unexceptable, and when it is inevitable you have to stand up again. This takes a determined person. Early in the hockey season, my team had not won a game out of our conference. The previous year our team was undefeated; a record difficult to live up to. Before our third non-conference game there was an article printed in the paper that in other words said that our team did not have the power to win out of conference. My coach, team, and I were determined to prove the world wrong. Actually, the cheer we chanted...