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What Could You do with Ten Grand?: A college essay The colleges I chose to compare and contrast were the University of Iowa and Luther College. The U of I is a large state school located in midsize Iowa City. Luther College is a small private school located in small Decorah. The reasons I chose these are because I wanted to stick with colleges in Iowa and also contrast public and private schools.

My first priority was to look at the differences in the cost of the two, and what is received from fee. The costs of going to Iowa or Luther are considerable different. The cost of Luther is almost double that of Iowa. Luther College costs about $22,600 per year to go to as Iowa costs only $12,400 per year. The difference is $10,200. I am not sure if that much more money is realistic to pay just to go to a private school rather than state.

The fees are getting you the same things: room, board, tuition, and books. I could find a lot to do with an extra 10 grand.

My next area of interest was the variety of housing and its quality. If I am to live at a place for a year I want to be able to live the way I would like to. At Iowa there are many options of places to live and styles of living. They have solo rooms up to quads. They also have coed, or by sex housing along with quite floors and floors with other distinctions. Luther, on the other hand, has more selective housing with fewer options; though the facilities, from what I have read, seem to be quite nice. I think that I would prefer to have options and then look at the quality...