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Sitting here thinking about writing my college essay makes it seem so easy, but when I have to write my thoughts on paper I become unsure if that's what I really want to write. I mean I've never had problems writing essays before but this one is suppose to be the one to sell me to the college of my choice.

All this hype about my senior year and college has gotten me so caught up in other things that I haven't really had time to sit down and really think about who I am and how I'll make the best contributions to the college that I've selected. Some people say that they have gotten accepted to colleges like "Harvard," solely based on their essay. So how could I possibly compete with something like that? College will be the biggest decision that I'll ever make for myself and probably the first real big decision that I'm making on my own.

I'll be the first one in my family to go on to college, so it makes me feel like I have to live up to being everything that they're not.

I have great parents, they've both worked long hard hours, nights and days just so they can make their children's lives happier and easier than what theirs were. They both work at factory type jobs; jobs considered at the low end of the job spectrum, but they both work harder than any of the CIO's I know. Don't get me wrong I'm sure they have skills too, but most of them work out of greed not out of love. The reason I've decided to further my education by going to college is simply because I don't want a "work my butt off, nine to five," job. I want a job...