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College Football Playoffs vs BCS: The BCS Must Go

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College Football Playoffs vs BCS: The BCS Must Go

Playoffs are a time where excitement is in the air among fans in almost any sport. It is what most teams play for all season long and what sports fans look forward to, with the exception of Division I college football. Every other sport has a playoff-the NBA, the NFL, MLB, college basketball, as well as many other sports (Chiari, 2013). At the beginning of the college football season all teams are hungry for the title of National Champion, however many teams do not get a chance to be considered for a National Championship game or let alone a bowl game. The Bowl Championship Series, popularly known as the BCS, has been used since 1998 in college football when it comes to determining a national champion (College Football, 2012).

This system is controversial for many reasons. While there are many things that could be said of the current system in place for college football; one thing that cannot be said is that it determines a clear champion at the end of each season, it has become evident that a playoff will overall be more beneficial. A college football playoff will work for Division I football because the current system in place is flawed, revenues with a playoff will dramatically increase, and more teams will have the chance to participate in playoffs leading to the National Championship game.

The BCS system is looked at as being not only flawed but also controversial. The two teams that play for the National Championship is basically determined by a computer. There are three components: the computer rankings, Coaches' Polls,