College Mentorship.

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The transition from high school to college isn't always an easy one. Living away from home, the new-found freedom coupled with a whole new world of people can be anything from unnerving, to misleading. There are various obstacles that need to be overcome and important decisions and choices to make. However colleges, especially those like DePauw, are places of tremendous opportunity and learning for those who choose wisely and get a firm, focused grasp of the situation. The years spent in college are not only exciting and fruitful, but are often the pivotal years of one's life. It is in college that a person chooses the path that he or she is going to follow, and this journey starts when that person first walks onto campus as a first-year student. Thus it is essential that these very choices are made intelligently and this is where the role of the mentor comes into play.

A mentor by denotation is a 'trusted counselor or guide.' It is the mentor who, if he or she chooses to, can play a very important part in the incipient stages of college life. I personally am a great believer in the idea of a 'peer mentor' who I consider to be much more influential than adults who, in more cases than not, are looked upon with rebellion, even if the advice and guidance offered is identical to that of the peer. The mentor can motivate a student to perform to his or her potential in academics, extra-curricular activities, and to take an active interest in the college community. Thus, guidance and encouragement are the primary responsibilities of a mentor. However, there are other things whose importance cannot be underplayed. A mentor can not only be a guide but can also be a close...